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Warwick Runs

Anne D.'s Race Tips

June, 2005 Running Camp
Audrey on Nutrition
Audrey on First Aid, Race Recovery & Weight Training Tips
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Anne D.'s Running Tips
Anne D.'s Race Tips
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Leaving Footprints by Chelsea
Our Running Role Model
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Silver Award

"All that's good enough is all you've got..."

The difference between a good runner and a great runner is the athletes determination to push beyond her limits

Running is simple if you do two things: focus and work.

Runners have to first set goals and then look within yourself to find out how much you want to achieve those goals.

Focus on one race at a time

Plan a strategy.

People say you want to focus on yourself and your performance, not on your competitors.

I say try your hardest to pass whoever is in front of you and try your hardest not to let anyone get in front of you:)

Remember all your hard work and do the best you can. And just when you think you can’t run any harder, dig a little deeper.


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