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Julia's Circuit Training

June, 2005 Running Camp
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For my portion of the camp, I will teach the girls about circuit training. Circuit training is a method of workouts using different pieces of equipment. There are five categories that the workouts fall into. Flexibility which builds you're ability to bend without injury. Pulmonary which improves breathing. Respiratory which improves your heart beat. Muscle strength builds how much work and weights your muscle can hold. Muscle endurance builds up your muscles ability to sustain weights for a long period of time. During my workout, girls will work at each station using different equipment such as weights, mats, bands etc. They will work at the station for about 5 minutes then will switch to the next station. Hopefully the girls will learn some excersizes they can practice at home.

The following are examples of exercises that can be used in a circuit training session:

  • Upper-body
    • Press ups, Bench dips, Pull ups, Medicine ball chest pass, Bench lift, Inclined press up
  • Core & trunk
    • Sit ups (lower abdominals), Stomach crunch (upper abdominals), Back extension chest raise
  • Lower-body
    • Squat jumps, Compass jumps, Astride jumps, Step ups, Shuttle runs, Hopping shuttles, Bench squat
  • Total-body
    • Burpees, Treadmills, Squat thrusts, Skipping