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Anne D.'s Cross Country Drills & Race Prep

"All that's good enough is all you've got..."

 If you're nervous or uneasy, always talk about your race to someone who can be over excited or overly competitive. It's always important to talk about strategy and to get relaxed before it's to late.

Nutrition is important but that's Audrey's area... you have to stay relaxed and don't exert yourself, conserve your energy. Once you're at the meet try to turn your nervousness into excitment. Try not to think about the race or how you're going to do. Surround yourself with positive teammates, not people who will be saying, "Im going to do so bad..."  These people give you a negative attitude and will bring you down.

As you warm-up and check out the course pay attention, don't be talking with friends. Try to have something to snack on a couple hours in advance, nothing within an hour of your start time. Water  is good but dont drink to much, it can cause cramps. Focus on yourself and your performance, not on your competitors. Once youre on the start line your nervousness is at its climax, just remember, you're prepared for this and you can do it. All that's left to do is run.

"All that's good enough is all you've got..."



Speed Fun (on your own):

On a soccer or football field, jog the length of the field easily, then without stopping, turn around and come back the length of the field at medium pace (i.e. you can no longer talk comfortably). Still without stopping, run a third length of the field at an all out sprint (this is as hard as you can go). Take a quick rest and then repeat. Try to work up to ten repeats of this exercise.

Hash Run (with friends):

One girl takes a bag of flour and begins to run in any direction she chooses. Every time she turns, she must take a handful of flour and drop it on the ground, clearly marking the spot where she turned. Five minutes later, the other girls (who are not to watch where the first runner goes) try to find and catch the girl with the flour, who is continuing to run and leave her flour trail. Its easy to get lost or lose track of the girl with the flour, but don’t get frustrated—enjoy! Running all over the place is half the fun of this game!

Hill Fun (on your own):

Find a hill (paved or not) with good footing. Try to run all the way up it and then walk back down. Its length or the degree of incline will determine how many repeats you should do. Do as many repeats as you can maintaining the pace that you race the first one. You will definitely feel it in your quads and buttocks tomorrow!

Ladders (with friends):

With 3 or more friends, divide into teams of 2. Find a soccer field, basketball court, track, or mark some distance of your own. The first member of each team goes and runs the length and back once, tagging the next girl who does the same. Then she tags the first girl again who goes, this time running it twice. She tags her partner who does the same and comes back to tag the first girl who now runs back and forth 3 times. She tags her partner who does the same. HALFWAY there! Now come back down the ladder. Continue with each partner going three, then one, then one. The first team to finish wins.

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Running Tips
Drink Your Water or sport drink:)  8 glasses of water a day.
Eat breakfast - it's the fuel that gets your body moving
Eat fruits and vegetables.  it's your body's energy source

Warm up and stretch before you run.
Tie your shoes.  Double knot your shoes:)
Make running fun.  Find a partner, grab your sister...

Put on Some Sunscreen

Set a goal, make a plan to meet it and follow the plan
Don't do too much too soon. Increase your mileage gradually
Pace yourself.
Stretch after your run.

Drink your water


 Safety Tips

• Run with a friend.
• Run in daylight.
• Always let someone know where you will be running.
• Don't talk to strangers.
 • Wear bright colors so you can be seen.
• Carry id


If it's 80 degrees and full sun AND it's the only time you can get your run in, then run relaxed, shorten your run, and make sure that you are hydrated (with water) before and after your run, But if you can find a shady route, or if you can run early in the a.m. or later in the evening, you will find your run more comfortable and you can possibly run your normal distance.

The only safe way to run on an icy day is to hit the gym, and jump on the treadmill, OR put on your snowshoes, and take an easy run on a wooded trail. The snowshoes have blades that will grab the ice, so off you go!

If it's ten degrees outside, that's too cold for many people. Know your own limits. Dress in layers, go for a short run, and monitor your body. If your hands and feet just don't warm up after 10 minutes, then it's too cold for you so head home.

If you're caught in a thunderstorm, enjoy it's beauty as you head home. Or if you're in town, duck into a restaurant or store and wait for it to pass. But the best advice is to listen to the weather report on a daily basis and don't run if a storm is headed your way.

What should you do if you want to go for a run and it starts to rain? You should shout, "Hooray!", then lace up your sneakers and head out the door. A rainy day can be the most comfortable day of all. Just make sure to get out of your wet clothes when you get home, drink a great glass of water, then, if the day was cool, warm up with a little hot chocolate.

AND if WEATHER is your THING, then start our Green Ribbon, Run the Seasons program.

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