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Leaving Footprints by Chelsea

Tone-Up Table Streching and Sit Ups
-Exercise 1: Hold hands on bar, one knee bent, strech leg back on ground, change leg.
-Exercise 2: Stand on ground, put one heel on table, lean forward and hold, change leg.
-Exercise 3: Sit on table, leg straight, bend forward, hold, repeat.
-Exercise 4: Stomach on table. Arm forward and up. Lift legs. Hold.

UPS Bar Leaning Pushups
-Walk your toes backward till most of your body weight is on your hands. Keep your legs and back straight. Then lower your chest to the bar and push backup to strighten the arms. Do this 15 times.

Pull Ups (Leaning To Suspended)
-Suspend body at arms length, back stragiht and heels on the ground in front of you. Do 2 sets of 60-80 percent of your maximum, (example if 10 is your maximum then do 2 sets of 6-8)

Leg Lifts
-Find appropriate hieght of bar and back suppart, face out, hold the bar with the palms facing out and lower body to arms length.


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