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Our Running Camp

Join us for a June Day of running. 
9am Sign in; Introduction; Purpose of Camp;
9:15 Stretches
9:30  Discuss Cross Country (guest speaker?); scoring; break into teams; importance of teamwork
9:45  Cross Country (run mile?) timed
10am  Awards; Water Break
10:15 Discuss Track; different events; (guest speaker?)
10:30 Track events
10:45 Track Events
11am  Awards ; Water Break
11:15 Running Games
11:30 Discuss First Aid (guest speaker?)
11:45 Nutrition (guest speaker?)
12noon Bag Lunch
1pm Motivational Speaker?
1:30 Running Games
1:45 Cool Down (slip and slide?)
2:00 Sign out; Patches?; Certificates?

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